If you're ever looking for someone to hype you up like this, you can always point to a Central New Yorker.

NASCAR Cup Series Food City Dirt Race
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It was a big weekend for racing at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. NASCAR was back on the dirt track for the 3rd straight year for the Food City Dirt Race. The track marshal waved the green flag at 7:00pm Sunday night, but not for everyone else. Those parties started much longer before outside of the racetrack.

If you want proof... just turn to these 4 local party animals.

A video that not only makes Bristol look like a ton of fun, but it's also kicked off by people you might know from Central New York.

In the first 3-seconds of the video (from left to right) is Jessica McLaughlin, Tyler Armstrong, Taylor Plows, and Allison Auger. All four being from West Winfield, NY. They were just happy to be spending the weekend out in Tennessee for the big race... but who knew they'd get some fame because of it?

Now with almost 9-thousand views, the video highlights fans in and around the track, getting ready for the big race in their own way. Though it doesn't show the tailgating and other "festivities" at the race, it does a great job hyping up fans heading to the track or simply watching from home.

NASCAR Cup Series Food City Dirt Race
Getty Images

The race ended with #20 Christopher Bell taking home 1st place, Tyler Reddick following close behind. It's a track that many racers love, especially Bell who came out on top.

These are some of the longest laps of my entire life. This place is so much fun, whether it is dirt or concrete

I feel this video challenges Central New Yorkers to find more opportunities to sneak in front of the camera. And if you already know someone who has, send the video our way!

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