Several hunters were caught hunting goose illegally in New York just before Christmas. Two in Dutchess County and three more in Monroe County.

Illegal Goose – Dutchess County

Two hunters were put on Santa's naughty list after a Christmas Eve hunt.

New York State Department of Environment Consecration (DEC) officers were called on December 24 for geese shooting within 500 feet of a residence.

Multiple lead shotgun shell casings and a goose carcass that had been left behind were found near a home Dutchess County. The guilty hunters were also discovered thanks to license plate information provided by a witness. Both admitted to killing three additional geese on their way home from rabbit hunting earlier in the day.

The goose and meat were seized and the two hunters were given several tickets for discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a residence, taking waterfowl with lead shot, failing to retrieve waterfowl (wanton waste), and illegally taking protected wildlife.

hunter illegally shoots goose
Credit - NYS DEC

Long Morning on Long Pond - Monroe County

Environmental Conservation Officers were called for three hunters shooting too close to an apartment complex on Long Pond.

Waterfowl hunting is permitted within 500 feet of a dwelling if hunters are below the mean high waterline and shooting away from the dwelling.

While checking the hunter's licenses, the Officer received another call reporting the hunters had shot two Canada geese, which were not in season. The two geese were discovered stashed in tall grass.

The hunter who shot them claimed he thought Canada geese were in season and fired before the other two hunters could stop him.

illegal goose hunting
Credit- NYS DEC

Hunters Ticketed

All three hunters were ticketed for failure to wear back tags as required. The hunter who admitted to shooting the geese received an additional charge.

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