We were always told if we saw a baby bear in the woods, we should run. There's most likely an extremely protective mama bear close-by. But what if the little bear doesn't have a mom by it's side?

That was the case for this little cub in Herkimer County.

Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

ECO to the Rescue

DEC Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) Robert Howe was called up to the Town of Salisbury after getting reports of a baby bear on its own. The resident told Howe the cub had been in the area for the past 5-days, with no signs of its mother.

A young cub needs guidance and protection from its mother in order to grow. According to ECO Howe, the cub was visibly malnourished and most likely wouldn't survive much longer on its own.

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He was able to safely capture the bear and put it into his station vehicle. Howe then brought the bear to Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center in Hunter. At this rehabilitation center, the cub will receive the care and treatment it needs.

Once its old enough, they'll send him back into the wild.

Benefit of Rehabilitation Centers

This is a common process that young cubs go through with rehabilitation centers. Instead of letting them die on their own, places like FFFWC give animals another chance at life by helping them grow in a controlled environment.

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A big shout-out goes to ECO Howe for swooping in and saving the day! Let's just hope Yogi doesn't grow up to steal any of our picnic baskets when he's older.

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