They might be late to the game, but Aldi's newest update has Central New York shoppers excited.

When it comes to shopping nowadays, all we care about is the convenience. Being able to order groceries online is one thing, but those still venturing into the store want the least amount of headaches possible.

Economic Warning Signs Increase
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It seems every time you go into an Aldi, there's always a line of people funneling into the one or two checkout lanes they have open. We appreciate the store looking for ways to save money and offer the best deals... but waiting in line with a quarter-driven, food-filled grocery cart is always annoying.

Well wait no more New Hartford! This Aldi has finally caught up to the times.


New Self-Checkout

Granted, I haven't gone shopping at Aldi for the past 2-3 weeks... But that doesn't mean I still was ESTATIC when I saw not one, but four check-out kiosks at the New Hartford Aldi. No more lines, so I could go home and happily enjoy Taco Tuesday like every other American.

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According to Aldi Reviewer, the company started rolling out self-checkout at various locations back in January. Though Upstate New Yorkers had to wait their turn, it was all worth it in the end.

Economic Warning Signs Increase
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Self-checkout does pose the financial risk to companies. It's reported that Walmart loses around $3 billion every year from self-checkout theft. Though they can cut down on staff and ease customer traffic, the financial loss may outweigh the gain in the long run.

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But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. Simply put, be a good person and we don't have to worry about it. If you really wanted to steal fruit, vegetables, and that weird off-brand toilet paper... then you got bigger problems to deal with than just Aldi.

Now if only people learned how to properly turn-left at that intersection...

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