Albert, an 11 foot 750 pound alligator has been taken from a house in New York and now there's a petition to bring him back home.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) seized the alligator in Hamburg, New York. It was living in a home where the owner had built an addition and installed an in-ground pool.

The owner allegedly even allowed people to get into the water and pet the alligator, according to the DEC.

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Tony Has Taken Care of Albert for 34 Years

Tony Cavallaro has taken care of Albert for the past 34 years. He says he's abided by all the rules and has renewed his permit every year as required.

When Cavallaro tried renewing it after the rules changed a few years ago he had questions. "They ignored my emails and phone calls to make sure I did everything right."

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Cavallaro says 20 agents arrived at his house in full body armor, carrying guns, to seize the alligator. "It was like I was a gun dealing, drug dealing criminal the way they acted. The scene they made on my street was very disturbing. I am very upset and angry about this whole incident."

Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Charges Pending

The DEC says Albert suffers from several health issues, including blindness. They are investigating. Charges could be filed pending an exam.

Cavallaro is asking all his friends and people who love Albert to support him when a court date is scheduled. "Join me at the Hamburg town court to help me fight them to get him back."

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Credit - Tony Cavallaro/Facebook
Credit - Tony Cavallaro/Facebook

Bring Albert Back Home

petition to bring Albert back home has also been created. It already has close to 2,000 signatures of supporters just as upset as Cavallaro that Albert was ripped from the only home he's ever known.

L. Aivazis - Tony has been diligently caring for Albert for over 30 years. To take him away, and treat Tony like a hardened criminal is disgusting.How is ripping an animal away from a loving and caring home the best thing for the animal?

Sandra Guerin - Albert deserves to continue living the rest of his life with the person who loves him most.

Donna Bialecki - This man took impeccable care of this alligator. That never changed. The rules changed and now he has been taken away. This is not right.

Lisa Kilanowski - My family knows Alberts's owner and I know he has been exceptionally well cared for his entire life. I cannot comprehend how now, after all of these years, the vast majority of which the owner held a legal license for Albert, he is being removed from his loving home to spend what’s left of his life in an unfamiliar setting, in distress, without the only person he has ever known.

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