The world's oldest McDonald's doesn't seem to be interested in updating its restaurant anytime soon.

The Downey, California location has been operating since 1953, nearly five years after the company was founded.

According to Newsweek, the Downey McDonalds was the third restaurant franchised by Richard and Maurice McDonald, who originally founded the chain.

A sign on the building reminds burger-seekers that hamburgers cost 15 cents and french fries were only 12 cents when McDonald's first opened at that location in 1953.

Besides the food prices, not much has changed at the restaurant in the past 70 years.

The outside still has a retro-looking sign with the Chef Speedee character on top welcoming customers. The restaurant also is a walk-up stand where diners walk up to the counter on the outside of the building.

The Downey McDonald's went through some hard times in the mid-1990s when it sustained heavy damage from an earthquake. It took two years before burgers would be served again.

Customers coming to the reopened McDonald's were treated to an expansive remodel that included a small indoor dining area and a museum connected to the original burger stand.

Museum exhibits include everything from the evolution of soft drink cups to a life-size statue of the restaurant's Mac Tonight mascot from the late 1980s.

Here is what the world's oldest McDonald's looks like today as it celebrates its 70th birthday.

(Full gallery of interior and exterior photos after this video)


Look Inside The World's Oldest McDonald's in Downey, California

The world's oldest McDonald's in Downey, California originally opened 1953, nearly five years after the company was founded. The location is like walking into a time capsule. Retro characters, a walk-up counter and a museum make this one of the most unique dining experiences for McDonald's lovers. Here is a look at what the Downey, California McDonald's looks like today.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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