A woman on Reddit is unsure how to handle her husband's co-worker, who won't stop texting him, asking him to hang out after work and calling him her "work husband."

"Co-worker Cindy is much older and has been with the company for about 10 years. She is also mostly out of office but frequently drops in. I have met her a few times at office parties and other work-related gatherings even before I joined the team. Now, we cross paths almost daily," she wrote.

"On two recent occasions, Cindy referred to my husband as her 'work husband' while she was talking to me in passing. It was something she muttered under her breath, rather than a bold declaration for everyone in the office to hear," the woman continued on Reddit, adding that it caught her "off guard."

"I said nothing, and just kept doing my work as usual because I hate drama in the workplace. Afterwards, I mentioned it to my husband both times, and he says that he too is uncomfortable by it. But honestly, the more I think about it, the more upset I become and I feel that the next time Cindy oversteps that particular boundary, I need to say something," she explained.

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The woman added that Cindy texts her husband "most nights and mornings to gossip and complain about work."

"I have not questioned this communication until now because I thought everything was fine and I had nothing to worry about from either of them. Cindy frequently asks my husband to grab a bite to eat before work, or to grab drinks after their shifts are over, which he has accepted," she shared.

The woman noted that she doesn't have a problem with her husband hanging out after work with a male co-worker, but that Cindy's apparent advances make her feel "uncomfortable."

"I will be speaking to my husband more about it later, and will also ask him to draw some boundaries with Cindy. Concerning Cindy, I'm not sure how to respond the next time she oversteps what I feel to be normal boundaries, because I have a feeling it will absolutely happen again," she concluded.

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Users in the comments offered the woman some advice on how to handle the situation, with many suggesting her husband be more assertive.

"Your husband should tell her 'Hey, I’m glad to have you as a friend at work but you have to stop referring to me as your work husband. It makes ME uncomfortable,'" one user wrote.

"Your husband should probably stop responding to text messages outside of work hours. If it is something he needs to know at the start of the day, then that would be an appropriate message to respond to. But office gossip or anything not related to his job should get zero response from him," another person commented.

"My ex and her 'work husband' have been married for [eight] years and have a wonderful daughter, an adorable dog, two homes and a boat," someone else shared.

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