It's coyote mating season in New York State and that could spell danger for your pet or other animals. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation says that coyotes are a threat to pets,

Across New York, the most commonly reported issues with coyotes were incidents involving pets. Coyotes seldom approach or act aggressively towards people directly; however, dogs and cats attract coyotes.

Coyotes have a diverse diet and will consume small mammals. They don't just live in rural areas in New York. They also inhabit many suburban and urban areas and have even been spotted in the New York City area.

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Coyote Mating Season Is Underway In New York State

Coyotes' peak mating season is currently underway. It runs from January to March. The pups are born around April and May. Conflicts between dogs and coyotes are likely to happen in March and April, while coyotes are preparing their dens for their pups. They become very territorial during this time.

In general, coyotes view other canines (dogs) as a threat. Essentially, it comes down to a territorial dispute between your dog and the coyote. Both believe that your yard is their territory.

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Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash
Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

Tips To Protect Your Pets From Coyote Attacks

The NYSDEC offers tips to animal owners and pet parents:

- Don't leave pet food outside as it could potentially attract coyotes
- Don't allow a coyote to approach your pets
- Do not allow pets to roam freely, keep them supervised outdoors, especially at night
- Fence your yard to help keep coyotes out
- Clear brush and tall grass from your yard and property so coyotes don't have places to hide

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