If something seems off about your electric bill, it probably is and you should say something. 

After all, that is your hard earned money. You should make sure that what you are paying for is legit. 

Kaylee Bosch, a resident of Lancaster, noticed something was off about her electric bill from NYSEG when her bill came around and showed a 272x increase in her bill. Going from $43.72 on your monthly bill to a whopping $11,870.82 raises a few eyebrows…and makes your heart sink. 

Bosch shared a screenshot of her recent NYSEG bills on the Lancaster/Depew Neighbors Helping Neighbors Facebook group, and it looks like she wasn’t the only one. 

Another person said that they were charged incorrectly back in January. The resident said, “We got a bill for $18000 that I am STILL fighting with them about.”

This is one reason why you probably shouldn’t sign up for autopay. Imagine if you were automatically charged over $11,000 for the electric bill in your apartment….yeah, that sounds like stress central. 

The utilities in New York state are regulated by the New York State Public Service Commission, and if you need to make a complaint about an incorrect charge, you can call the Department of Public Service Emergency Hotline at 800-342-3355 on weekdays from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM. 

Many people who commented in response to Kaylee’s post said they received an immediate response. 

Bosch was able to resolve her issue too after contacting the help line and sending in a picture of her meter reading from June. The picture confirmed that there was an error in the meter reading, and NYSEG said they will be able to generate a new bill to resolve the outstanding amount.

If you noticed something wrong or off about your billing, you can file a complaint here and you should hear back within the day.  

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