I sure would like to think I wouldn't regret it, but would I be judged by it?

For me, tattoos are an expression. I don't have a single tattoo I regret on my body. Part of that is because I flat out refuse to get a tattoo that has zero meaning. Or get a tattoo just because it looks cool. It has to be something special to me. This idea at least ticks that box off the list for me.

Okay, I want a Genesee beer logo on my left forearm. Is that weird? Context is key here I suppose. My entire left arm has tattoos that all are in honor of my dad. To mention a few I already have, his birthdate surrounded by the Italian flag is already on my forearm, and his US Naval photo is something I have a portrait of tattooed on my bicep. Genesee also holds a place near and dear to my heart. It was my dad's beer of choice, wasn't it everyone's?

For 7 years I have been questioning whether I get the logo tattooed on my arm or not. Eventually, I want to fill the arm in and make it into a sleeve. I feel like when I see Genesee beer, I think of good ole dad so it would make sense.

You would think I just answered my very own question. Would I be judged though for having a beer logo tattooed on me? I also then begin to wonder if I could somehow get a discount on Genny by having their logo permanently on my arm.

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