My annual golf trip to Maine in 2019 produced some joyous, over-the-top drinking behavior resulting in a collapse at a restaurant--chairs, tables, glasses, candles all over the place.

So, it got me thinking: What age is too old for "fall down drunk" behavior? We put the question to our various Facebook tribes and came up with some commentary worth sharing.

Bill: "Behind the wheel...any age. Divorce court...might as well be hammered, chances are you’re gonna get hammered anyways."

Pam: "When you have to call into work because of the injury."

Patrick: "Every now and then it is well deserved and earned."

Steve: "How old am I?"

Jack: "My 100 year-old grandfather says 101."

Homer: "Pick me up and I'll tell you."

The majority of the comments pointed out the foolishness and dangers of excessive alcohol. I agree. And besides, drinking to the point of being unable to remember what you did OR unable to control your actions is not as much fun. (By the way, it wasn't me, if you're wondering.)

The tribe has spoken.

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