I was driving behind this person and noticed that they almost caused an accident about 3 times. When I pulled up next to them at a stoplight I quickly figured out why. Were they breaking the law?

It's safe to say that New Yorkers love dogs. It's not exactly known how many dogs are in the entire state, but it's estimated that there are roughly 600,000 pups in New York City alone. They're our little companions and they often become members of the family. Family members usually go with you when you're traveling. What are the laws about dogs riding in your car?

Earlier this week, I witnessed a car driving erratically swerving between to lanes. I immediately thought the driver was texting. When I pulled up next to the car at a stoplight, I realized what was wrong. Not only was the driver texting, but their dog was also crawling all over their lap. The dog then started to look out the driver's side window obstructing any view. Is this legal? I had to look into it.

According to Comp777, New York has very serious laws against driving while distracted. This mostly includes using handheld devices while driving like cell phones. You have to admit that your dog sitting next to you or on your lap while your operating a vehicle could be a major distraction, especially if you're petting it.

Despite this being a distraction from the road, it's not necessarily illegal in New York or most states at all.

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