There isn't a hard rock band this side of AC/DC that has maintained a steadier course and more successful career longer than Iron Maiden. And as this collection of magazine ads shows, artwork has always been an important part of their image.

While they have undergone several lineup changes since releasing their debut album in 1980, Iron Maiden have completely ignored decades worth of trends and remained remarkably true to their original sound for almost 40 years now. This was evident most recently on their 2015 double album The Book of Souls.

The same focused consistency has also been present in their album artwork, which unfailingly features their mascot Eddie. As you can see from this collection of magazine ads and promotional posters for various albums, singles and home video collections, they've put the poor guy through a hell of a lot over the years.

Eddie has been lobotomized, mummified, brought back from the dead, turned into a cyborg, disembodied, electrocuted, turned into a tree creature, shot into space, sent to war and literally sent to hell at various stages in his career. Then again, maybe this is penance -- after all he did kill a guy back in 1981.

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