An Ilion man caused quite a scene when he made good on a bet he lost with friends.

Alex Schmidt - a student at SUNY Oswego - lost a bet over fantasy football. And that's when he had to do what any honorable man has to do: hold up his end of the bet. According to the photo - captured by Kimberley Miller-Celi - it looks like it was QUITE a bet.

Alex says he "came in last in his fantasy football league," so his friends went shopping for his amazing ensemble. He says he got a lot of attention and honks as Remington Arms was letting out. He thinks most of it was because "folks are jealous, I just looked so good! I can rock the Crocs with socks!" (We think that was maybe sarcasm?)

William Bastion posted the photo on his Facebook page - and the funny comments started rolling in. One commenter even posted a photo of Alex being questioned by police. It must be a crime to look that good - right, Alex?

Alex took to the corner of Main Street and Otsego, right in front of Cliff's market, in the center of Ilion dressed in, well, a dress (which he paired with Crocs, to complete the look) holding a sign that said "I SUCK AT FANTASY FOOTBALL."

You have to give the guy credit - he held up his end of the deal - even if his fashion choices are a little suspect. Crocs? With a dress?!

Nice legs, dude.

Credit: Kimberley Miller-Celi
Credit: Kimberley Miller-Celi


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