The smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree really makes your house seem holiday ready, but how do you make the tree last for as along as possible?

Real Christmas trees look and smell amazing, but if you don't take care of them - at best, they'll start to lose all their needles, and at worse, they can become a real fire hazard.

According to News 10 ABC, the secret is WATER.

Your need to water that baby - early and often. A real tree will absorb 65% of its water in the first week after it's cut. And the temperature of the water is important, too: use warm water - it'll be more easily absorbed by your tree.

Of course, you want to minimize the fire hazard of a real tree. Even if it's watered appropriately, a tree can still catch fire under the right "wrong" circumstances.

  • Make sure your tree isn't within three feet a heat source, which can dry it out, and make it more likely to catch fire. Obviously, keep it FAR from space heaters and fireplaces.
  • Carefully inspect your lights for frayed wires, loose connections, and missing or cracked bulbs.
  • Dispose of the tree in a timely manner once the season ends.

Just taking these simple steps can help minimize the fire hazard, and will help your tree last for weeks. 

Do you go with a real or artificial tree for Christmas? Why?

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