Going hiking in New York? Follow the dress code and more, or pay heavy fines!

I'm not sure how many New Yorkers know this, but this may be useful if you're planning to take a hike in the near future.  Most experienced hikers are well aware of the "do's and don'ts" when taking to the ADKs, and that's a good thing. But for the rest of us, things could get a little dicey and pricey if you don't heed the warnings of the High Peaks!

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Do you know the laws of the Adirondack High Peaks?

I thought I did until I saw a Facebook post from a woman in the area named Allison Marinucci.  She posted it on Adirondack Trail Conditions, a page that serves hiking and mountain enthusiasts, and wrote about a recent experience while on a winter hike in the Adirondacks.

"Obviously, we all know snowshoes beyond 8 inches. Well, I hiked Cascade today and the rangers were waiting at the trailhead on my descent.
They were giving out $250 tickets for anyone who was not wearing snowshoes.
Just another incentive to be prepared!" -Allison Marinucci.

Marinucci added that while her crew was prepared, others on the trail were not and claims that 6 people in from of her were all given citations for the violation and a $250 fine.

ADK High Peaks: Photo David De Lossy

Here is a list of some (not all) of the rules and laws that if broken in the ADK High Peaks Wilderness Area, may be punishable by a fine.

In the High Peaks Wilderness Area, you may not do the following.  Each ticket comes with a $250 fine, plus additional court fees.

  • Use any audio device which is audible outside the immediate area of a campsite;
  • Use soap or detergent in any pond, stream, or other water body;
  • Dispose of any food scrap, food matter, or food container in any pond, stream, or other water body
  • Use any motorized equipment
  • Fail to possess and use skis or snowshoes when the terrain is snow-covered with eight or more inches of snow
  • Mark trails with plastic ribbons, paint, blazes, or other devices, cut or clear trails, or mark summits with canisters except by written permission of the department
  • Leave a pet unattended or fail to maintain complete control over the pet

For a complete list of New York rules, regulations, and codes, click here. 

What constitutes the High Peaks Wilderness Area in the ADKs?

According to sources, the "ADK High Peaks" is the name given to the 46 mountain peaks of the Adirondack Mountains higher than 4,000 feet.

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