Did you know that suspension rates are one of several metrics the Board of Regents uses to grade schools beyond test scores? Which schools in Central New York have the highest rates?

New York Upstate released a list of the Top 50 High Schools with the highest suspension rates. The good news is that not all that many Central New York schools made the list. A lot from the Syracuse area did.

Here's a look at how they graded these schools:

Only public high schools serving students in grades 9-12 were included in this list. The following types of schools were omitted:

- Religion-affiliated schools
- Alternative schools designated for disruptive students
- Private schools
- Charter schools
- Schools that have closed since this data was recorded
- Special education-focused schools

The data below is the most recent enrollment and suspension data made available by the New York State Department of Education. It is from the 2016-2017 school year. "

Here's the schools from Central and Upstate New York that made the list, and where they ranked on the Top 50:

#50 Gloversville High School (Gloversville, Fulton County)
Enrollment: 817, Suspensions: 100, Suspensions per 100 students: 12.24

#43 Canastota High School (Canastota, Madison County)
Enrollment: 645, Suspensions: 83, Suspensions per 100 students: 12.87

#34 Richfield Springs Jr./Sr. High School (Richfield Springs, Otsego County)
Enrollment: 180, Suspensions: 25, Suspensions per 100 students: 13.89

#32 Henninger High School (Syracuse, Onondaga County)
Enrollment: 1906, Suspensions: 275, Suspensions per 100 students: 14.43

#30 Nottingham High School (Syracuse, Onondaga County)
Enrollment: 1380, Suspensions: 203, Suspensions per 100 students: 14.71

#28 Corcoran High School (Syracuse, Onondaga County)
Enrollment: 1542, Suspensions: 231, Suspensions per 100 students: 14.98

#16 Public Service Leadership Academy at Fowler (Syracuse, Onondaga County)
Enrollment: 468, Suspensions: 86, Suspensions per 100 students: 18.38


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