Have you seen the giant silverware and sundae in Central New York?

A huge knife and fork along with a sundae and a steaming cup of coffee sit on Route 5 in Elbridge, New York, just 20 minutes west of Syracuse. They are catching a lot of attention. But what are they for?

Credit - Bailiwick Market & Cafe

It's a brilliant marketing campaign for Balliwick Market and Cafe. The giant sculptures sit outside the market.

Credit - Bailiwick Market & Cafe

"I drove by quite a few times this week," said Judith Wheeler-Kinch. "My fave is the coffee mug with the steam."

The large silverware, sundae, and coffee mug are great marketing tools. But Bailiwick isn't the only one with big ideas. Check out these weird roadside attractions in New York state, some used for marketing, some used just for fun.

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