Talk about a dream job. Harley Davidson is offering an intern the chance to ride across the country this Summer...and they get to keep the bike!

The 12 week internship is for anyone who enjoys the open road and can share it all on social media. There is one catch though. It's only open to junior and senior college students or recent grads looking to pursue a career in social media.

"Throughout the summer you will take part in Harley-Davidson events, motorcycle culture and share your experiences on social media. This position requires someone with an ability to create content on the fly, is creative and enjoys working with other social media influencers."

The lucky intern doesn't even know how to ride a motorcycle. "We’ll teach you to ride, give you a bike and pay you to discover motorcycle culture while you find your freedom on the open road. And at the end of it all, you’ll get to keep a bike."

Interested? Show Harley what FREEDOM means to you by making a video, writing an essay, creating a photo collage, or just being creative. Send it all to - by 11:59PM CST on May 11, 2018.

Get more details on the dream internship job at Harley Davidson.


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