This is National Drive Electric Week and Governor Kathy Hochul says New York’s high-speed charging network has expanded in and around the City of Syracuse.

Hochul says the charging stations will be offered at two Mirabito convenience stores to encourage more New Yorkers to drive electric vehicles.

The site in southern Syracuse, with four stations, is currently open.

The northern location, with three stations, is expected to be available in late October.

"Encouraging more widespread use of emission-free transportation and making fast charging more accessible throughout Central New York will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions along our State's roadways," Governor Hochul said. "The New York Power Authority's partnership with a well-established regional business, Mirabito, combined with the 'smart city' savvy of Syracuse is a surefire solution to increase awareness about how easy it is to drive clean and help the state achieve its ambitious green energy goals."

The New York Power Authoritie's statewide EVolve NY program is strategically deploying fast chargers at prime locations along travel corridors and in urban areas throughout the state so drivers can travel long distances without having to worry about where to get their next charge.

EVolve NY will have installed nearly 100 chargers across New York by the end of 2021, which will give the state the third largest open access charging network in the U.S.

The latest installations by the NYPA will help New York State meet its ambitious nation-leading clean energy goals, including decarbonizing the transportation-sector and reducing greenhouse gas emissions 85% by 2050.

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