We all remember how pressure-packed it was obtaining our driver's licenses.

The written and road tests. Driver's education classes. The obsession over all the details. One screw-up and we'd NEVER be able to drive a car. Well, it looks like New York State's Department of Motor Vehicles could be changing some of that, in the face of the COVID-19 health crisis.

The DMV has re-launched many of its programs and services, but its five-hour course that is a mandatory part of the process for first-time drivers has yet to re-start. That may change very soon, according to a top aide for Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Melissa DeRosa mad the announcement that the DMV was researching the idea of turning the course into a virtual offering. An official detremination on that was to be made by the end of July.

According to the DMV, before they can ever take a road test, drivers who have a learner's permit must also successfully complete a five-hour “pre-licensing course," which is an exam they usually take through the DMV or through a high school or college-based class. But, with schools closed and services at the DMV running on limited access and schedules, that part of the process has been on hold.

What do you remember most about the driver's license process?

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