This Friday's milk giveaway in Oswego will certainly be one to remember. Six racecar drivers in their full racing uniforms will be handing out free milk to the community at the Oswego Speedway May 22 starting at noon.

According to Oswego County News Now, drivers Joe Gosek, Brandon Bellinger, Tim Snyder, Dan Connors Jr., Anthony Losurdo, and Dave Cliff will be giving away the 500 gallons of milk purchased by race teams until everything is gone.

Cars will enter the speedway through the Albany Street pit gate and the drivers will hand out milk and a checkered flag to passengers in each car. Families will then be able to take a half-lap around the speedway, if they want to, according to OCNN. Participants must stay inside their cars at all times and foot traffic will not be allowed inside the speedway. However, a walk-up distribution, with masks required, will be held at the same time on Albany Street in Oswego just outside the main gate of the speedway.

Vicki Gosek and Brandon Bellinger's mother, Phyllis, pulled the milk giveaway together as a way to support local families and New York dairy farmers struggling through the coronavirus pandemic, OCNN reports.

"We thought this was a great way to allow racers a chance to give back," Gosek's wife, Vicki, told OCNN. "There will be no Indy 500 this month, and that means no traditional drinking of the milk, so we decided we would bring some to Oswego and give back to our community and we're able to help local farmers in the process."

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