There have been several UFO sightings in New York since the beginning of 2019, but one from Central New York is raising eyebrows.

The National UFO Reporting Center keeps track of UFO sightings from across the United States - often offering simple explanations for the things that people report.

There were hundreds of reports in New York during 2018 - from all over the state - including Utica (that one turned out to be a hoax).

In 2019, reports have starting coming in. Only 3 weeks into the new year, there are already 6 potential UFO sightings - and one was right here in Central New York, in Fulton.

The report was sent in at 8 PM on January 12, 2019:

"We saw about 5 sort of circular orange-yellow lights in formation somewhat far away from each other all moving at the same speed. After a few minutes one of the lights appeared to drop a light from it that fell a bit and then disappeared. After about five minutes all of the lights disappeared at the same time. The lights were there when we pulled into the parking lot so we are unsure how long the event lasted."


Unfortunately, the person who reported the sighting wasn't able to get a photograph.

What do you think? Are aliens visiting Central New York? Do you believe in in UFOs?




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