Just last year Hollywood came to Little Falls to shoot scenes for 'A Quiet Place.' With a sequel in the works, will they return to our area?

We can only hope so, right?!

There's just something so cool about having some big names in our area, working on a movie. Not only do we get to brag that a movie has some scenes in it from Central New York, but we also have the rare chance to run into some of those celebrities while they're not working. Hey, you never know what local establishments they may visit or where they may go to explore a bit.

It was late in October 2017 when actor/director John Krasinski (probably best known for his character "Jim" on the TV show "The Office"), actress Emily Blunt (who happens to be married to Krasinski and known for her role in "The Devil Wears Prada"), and other celebrities made their way to Little Falls to shoot scenes for the first "A Quiet Place." Streets were blocked off, and there was just a buzz in the area, as people hoped to get a glimpse of the movie being shot and to see the actors and actresses.

You've probably heard that a sequel for "A Quiet Place" is coming, that was announced a little while ago. But not many details have been released about the sequel. Now, a date has been announced! According to ComicBook.com, we can expect A Quiet Place sequel to hit theaters on May 15, 2020.

Any other information on the movie is scarce. Will pieces of it be shot in Little Falls again? Or maybe another area of Central New York? Who knows?! But we're going to be hopeful and keep our fingers crossed that it is.

If you haven't seen "A Quiet Place" yet, you definitely should... That is, if you can handle horror movies. It scored a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience rating of 83% If you don't remember the movie or don't know a lot about it - Check out this trailer for it:

Pretty intense, right?! We wonder how scary the sequel will be...




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