There's some good news for Darien Lake 2020 Season Pass holders amid the coronavirus shutdown.

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Darien Lake is giving its 2020 Season Pass holders free days and months to make up for what they lost due to the coronavirus pandemic shutdown. In a statement to WKBW, Darien Lake explained what it will be offering to its customers.

"Our Season Pass Holders and our Members are some of our most loyal and valued guests and we want them to feel that they are getting the value for their passes and memberships For our current 2020 Season Pass Holders, their Passes will be extended into 2021 for the number of operating days the park is temporarily closed. Our Members will receive one additional month for each month that the park is closed, plus a free Membership level upgrade for the rest of the 2020 Season with our Diamond Elite Members receiving triple points and one extra skipped ride each visit for the rest of 2020 plus one Golden Friend ticket they can use whenever they want. Additionally, our Members and Season Pass Holders will receive priority bookings for our new online reservation system.” ~ Darien Lake via WKBW

Rather than offering refunds, this is how Darien Lake is handling the shutdown due to COVID-19. A spokesperson did tell WKBW that if a customer has an extenuating circumstance, they can reach out to the company via email You can visit Darien Lake's website to stay up to date with opening and other information.

I was really looking forward to attending the concerts at Darien Lake. Although they hadn't announced the hip hop concerts, I did know of one (I can't say the artist due to confidentiality) that was going to be HUGE! I wish that show was still happening, but maybe we'll get it when concerts are allowed again. This weather has been great, the perfect weather for a show at Darien Lake or just to go and enjoy the park. Damn this coronavirus!


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