No one wants to see or hear about another death related to complications from the Coronavirus. And God forbid someone you love or care about is lost because of COVID-19.

But, having said that, this fast-spreading ilness is wreacking havoc on the life of a sports fan.

What sport hasn't been turned upside down because of it? (As of this posting, just golf).

The NCAA March Madness Tournament and all associated basketball conference tournaments have been canceled - not delayed or postponed - outright canceled. Utica College, the No.1 ranked team in all of D-III men's hockey, was set to host a NCAA tournament game at the Adirondack Bank Center and hopefully make a run at a national championship. But that tournament has been called off, too. An unfortunate end to an incredible year for Gary Heenan and his Pioneers.

All NCAA sports are for the remainder of this semester have been nixed. And while many of us often say, it's just sports and it is JUST sports, what impact will this have on student athletes whose lives revolved around athletic competition for economic opportunities remains to be seen.

In pro-sports we've seen the temporary (we hope) suspension of the NBA and NHL seasons and playoffs, and Major League Baseball is pushing back the start of its regular season by two weeks - maybe more depending on this ongoing spead of Coronavirus.

AHL and Major Arena League Soccer have also suspended their seasons for the time being meaning local fans hoping to escape reality on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon to take in a Utica Comets or Utica City FC game will have to find another form of entertainment.

What's next? Beer-league softball and pick up basketball games will be halted?

Again, it is important to understand these unprecedented measures are being taken to save lives and stop the spread of what could be a very deadly virus for some. Unfortunately, this likely means many planned gatherings with friends that revolve around sports will be halted, too. Those impromptu beer-and-wing meetings with friends at the local pub to take in a game (any game) will likely be on hiatus for a few weeks.

My advice, don't cancel those - for most of us they matter way more than sports anyway. Take time to escape the stress and hassel of the real world, but instead of doing it by watching a college basketball tournament or a hockey game, use the time to enjoy the company of those you love. Take some time to catch up and re-connect. The pay-off is worth way more than winning an office tournament pool.

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