A game lighting up yards across America began on a construction site only a few hours from Central New York. And it was totally by accident.

Joe Rego runs a construction company in New Jersey. In 2015, an idea hit from an extra piece of pipe plastic. "I threw it on the cone and it was at that moment I said I'm going to make a cone game."

Unfortunately, like most great ideas, it got pushed to the side. "It sat in the closet for about 5 years," said Joe.

Then Joe met Aina in February 2019. Five months later they got married. Six months after the wedding COVID-19 hit and 30 days Joe's construction business was shut down. Like most quarantined families, the couple started playing board games to pass the time. That's when Joe remembered his idea sitting in the back of the closet. "She loved it and told me I had to finish it. Since I had lot of time on my hands, I got to work."

Credit - Joe Rego

Throglo was born and the first 150 sets Joe made sold out in the first week. He started taking pre-orders and sold them too. Then 3000 were released and those sold too. "My wife and I assemble all the games ourselves out of our garage," explains Joe. "We're looking to expand. We're getting some warehouse space and releasing a commercial soon. We're moving in the right direction."

Credit - Joe Reog

The game is designed after one Rego played as a kid called quoit, which is similar to horseshoes or a ring toss. "It was very popular in New Jersey where I grew up. All the adults played it. When I was a teenage I played it too."

Ringer - 5 points
Ring on the cone - 3 points
Ring on target point - 1 or 2 points

Credit - Joe Rego

The first person or team to hit 21 or over wins the game. "It's real challenging and it's not as easy as it looks. It's hard to get a ringer. People have been making up their own rules, seeing how far they can throw it. But in the end it's just about having fun."

The collapsible game can be played day or night. The rechargeable LED glow rings last up to 24 hours. And it all comes in a small, easy to carry bag, that you can take anywhere.

Credit - Joe Rego

Games are available for $69.99 and can be purchased at Walmart.com, Amazon or Throglo.com.

ThroGlo wasn't the only thing Joe and Aina created during the pandemic. "We also have a newborn baby girl Zianna who is now 5 months old."

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