UPDATE: The rings have been found and are being returned.

A central New York woman is heartbroken after losing her engagement ring, passed down from her great grandmother and is hoping someone will find it.

Erica Lachac, who lives in Fayetteville, was at Green Lakes State Park over the weekend when she lost the gold engagement ring and wedding band. "I took them off and put them on a picnic table to put sunscreen on my kids and left them," she shared on Facebook. "The engagement ring was my great grandmother’s."

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Lachac has been in touch with a police officer stationed at the park. "She said she didn’t see them in the area I left them. Fingers crossed someone turned them in."

Lachac is desperate to find the rings that mean so much to her family. "I had plans to continue passing it down in my family and it breaks my heart thinking I might not get to."

If you found the rings, please reach out to Lachac on Facebook.

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