Hey, look at this wallet found at the Erie Canal Village in Rome. Do you know a Mary Patterson?

Dianne Willson, who found the wallet, told us there was nothing valuable in it, just the 2 identification cards. As you can see below, one is a library card and an ID for the John F. Kennedy Middle School of the Utica School District.

Dianne Willson
Dianne Willson

Wilson told us that she found the wallet at the Erie Canal Village.

10 years ago or more the Erie Canal Village was open to the public for educational purposes and field trips. We found the wallet next to the building that used to be a farmer museum.

More than likely, Mary Patterson was on a field trip with JFK when she lost her wallet. Wilson posted a picture of the wallet on the Historic Erie Canal Facebook Page, and many people were commenting on what should be done with it:

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Jennie posted: "Honestly..not to sound like I watch too many forensic files (though I do lol); you really should turn it in to the police (that's what I personally would have done). You have no idea if it's related to an old crime, robbery, disappearance, carjacking, whatever and that could be missing/important evidence. It also could be just a woman who lost her wallet many years ago just going for a nature walk. But I would error on the caution side and let the police handle it and get it back to the rightful owner."

Dianne Willson
Dianne Willson

Wilson will be turning the wallet into the Rome Police Department. We may have found Mary Patterson on Facebook. We have reached out and will let you know if we hear back.

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