President Trump's impeachment hearings are a very hot topic in America and across the globe right now, and one local cafe is bringing the buzz right here to central New York.

Strong Hearts Cafe debuted their new creation yesterday with a tongue-in-cheek name that alludes to the hearings happening right now in the U.S. capital. The "ImPeachMint" milkshake is made from frozen peaches, fresh mint, vanilla ice cream and vanilla almond milk. While the combo sounds a little out there, the Syracuse business posted on Facebook that the drink is "quite refreshing, very satisfying, and loooong overdue!"

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Manager Mike Pease told that one of the company's co-founders, Joel, created the drink. While he expected a little backlash about the name, Pease said the response has been pretty positive.

"It's just meant to be kind of funny, and it's an interesting concept, and it's a delicious shake," Pease told

Strong Hearts is a completely vegan establishment, so their food and drinks, including the ImPeachMint milkshake, are all free of animal products.

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