Christopher McQuarrie is a multitalented filmmaker. He started out as a writer, penning films like The Usual Suspects. Then he moved into directing; he’s had a string of fits with Tom Cruise, starting with the first Jack Reacher and continuing with Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and its upcoming sequel, Fallout. In other words, he’s the perfect kind of person to direct a Star Wars film at some point. And now he says he never will, thanks to the deranged fans (“fans”) of the property he’s gotten to know this week on Twitter.

Earlier this week Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson tweeted a recommendation of McQuarrie’s Twitter account to his followers interested in the craft of screenwriting. Immediately, Star Wars fans (“fans”) who are obsessed with Johnson and blame him for “ruining” Star Wars with The Last Jedi began hounding McQuarrie. The last thing Johnson intended was to send his trolls McQuarrie’s way. But that’s what happened. And a short while later, McQuarrie tweeted this:

So good job Star Wars fans (“fans”). You’ve convinced a talented person to stay far, far away from the thing you supposedly love and enjoy. That will teach, uh, you? I guess?

I sympathize with McQuarrie. I barely even want to talk about Star Wars at this point. All the joy has been sucked out of it. Why would anyone want to create something new in this universe at this point? J.J. Abrams has the worst job in the world right now. (Apart from, like, the tens of millions of dollars it will make him. That part’s pretty cool.)

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