A charity store that provides free high-quality clothing to Central New Yorkers has been vandalized.

Someone smashed a door window at Tagless, on Main Street in Herkimer over the Labor Day weekend. "Apparently, on Main Street in Herkimer, Charities aren't even safe," Tagless shared on Facebook. "If anyone has any information on who did this to our door, please let us know."

Credit - Tagless via Facebook

Owner James Weiderman has reached out to businesses in the area to see if security cameras captured who was responsible.

This isn't the first time Tagless has seen trouble. Weiderman said two girls tried to grab the donation box off the counter at the store. Luckily it was attached to the counter. "They only managed to break the box, but not steal it."

Weiderman said the girl did take a volunteers wallet. "After they left, the volunteers checked the changing room, found the wallet, minus its cash, and boots that were destroyed."


The cash the volunteer lost was replaced and the box was replaced. "Our family has poured thousands of dollars of our own money into the shop, with nothing to gain except helping the people of this community," said Weiderman. "The satisfaction we've received has been well worth it, but when something like this happens, we can't help but wonder if what we're doing is really making a difference."

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