I'm not really much into watching college basketball during the season other than checking on what our local college teams are up to, along with Syracuse University, but come playoff time, I get really excited for the tournament. This year has been more interesting than previous years with so many upsets, and if you put together bracket predictions this year, you probably had your bracket broken to pieces early.

This year's playoffs have been especially fun to watch, given the fact the the pandemic took it away from us in 2020. I was really happy to find out that the playoffs would resume. I root for Syracuse Orange men's and women's basketball programs when they make it into the tournament. Both did well this year, with the men reaching the round of 16, losing to Houston, and the women in the second round, losing to a tough Connecticut team. Looking forward to next year for good things from both teams.

And there was the year that Binghamton University got the chance to be in the tournament even though Duke took care of the team getting anywhere past the first round. It was exciting just the same to see them play on the big court.

Congratulations to the Stanford women's basketball team for winning their championship game against a tough Arizona team, winning by just one point. And tonight, (4/5) the men's championship game pits two number one teams, Baylor versus Gonzaga.

I will be rooting for the Bulldogs to win and go out with an undefeated record, which would be the first time that has not happened since the 1975-76 championship game with Indiana winning and ending their season at 32-0. Will the 46 year absence of an undefeated team be broken tonight. We'll find out soon.

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