Become a player, or as common folk say actor, at the 10th Annual Mayfaire on the Green in Holland Patent for the 2021 season.

Mayfaire on the Green is seeking some new talent for their upcoming performances this summer:

We are often the first paid gig an act gets! Acting is great, particularly if you have a skit roughly 25 min. Juggling is great. Child friendly act is cool. Contortionism is cool."

If you'd like more information, you can apply online. The reason they are searching for new talent this year is due to a scheduling conflict that has left them "shy some pirates."

Remember, dying is easy. Comedy is hard."

If you're a performer, it looks like they are all set with music. However, if you have a unique act they might consider keeping you. They mention how they have good relationships with some other festivals as well, so you might be able to snag a few gigs out of this performance.

We already have a mermaid, could use an additional fairy."

Some of the other positons they are looking for include If washer woman, rude peasant, a fish monger, and more. This year's festival runs August 21st - August 22nd.

Of course if you can't perform, come enjoy free entertainment all day(s) and see items vended you won't see other places."

You can read more on Facebook, and follow their page for a more updated schedule of events as things get closer. Admission is free. Among the many entertainments are strolling minstrels; belly, Irish, German and Morris dancers; musicians, pirates; fairies; a dragon; puppets; magicians; sword fights; and more.

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