Back in January, word hit that bars in NYC were combining axe-throwing and drinking and we mused about if and when a bar like that would come to us and if the owners of such a place had to have questionable judgement or not. Muse no more, it's on the way.

Speaking of January, the new Bad Axe Throwing (def a play on words) club plans to open right around then in the Syracuse area. Apparently this trend didn't start south of here, but rather quite northerly in Canada (now it makes sense.) Just like other axe-throwing places, you can't actually bring your drinks into the range (aha!) and they only serve beer and wine, not hard liquor or mixers (another wise restriction.)

If you're looking for something unique for your next company party, this will def get you points as it's not like you can go axe-throwing at banquet halls and retreat centers. If you decide to get really serious about the sport, this particular chain offers league play and a shot at the ESPN world championship on TV also.

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