A lot of people pay attention to the NCAA Basketball Tournament every year while they're at work. But...what if watching the games WAS your job?

Recently we told you about a cool promotion where you can LIVE at a Buffalo Wild Wings during the tourney. This one may be even better. The folks at CableTV.com are making it pay off for you--and you don't have to budge an inch. They're offering to pay someone $1,000 to sit around watching March Madness this year. There are two requirements. Are you ready? You have to sign off and agree to...

  1. Watch 40 hours of games (Easy)
  2. Post about it on social media (Pretty Easy)

The tough part may be convincing your boss to give you time off from your regular job. Or, if you ARE the boss, cutting yourself some slack.

If you're interested, applications are due (3/11/20) Wednesday night. Here's the CableTV.com Twitter page with a full explanation, hashtags, links and pretty pictures:

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