A Rome resident got an unusual surprise: someone left an orange on his door step late at night. The question is: why?

Imagine you're on the phone when you hear a knock one your door. You're home alone, so you call out, "Who is it?" but you get no response. The person knocks again. Again, you call out. Again, no response.

A few minute, when all is quiet, you slowly open the door - and then you see it: a lone orange, left on your doorstep. There's no note, and no hint as to who left it, or why.

Is it a prank? Is it an attempt to lure you out of the house? After all, it's positioned as far from the door as possible. Is it just a harmless gift, from a neighbor with a peculiar sense of humor? These are the question a Rome resident who live off Floyd Avenue is left with, along with an orange, after that strange scenario unfolded on his front steps Thursday night, around 9:45pm.

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There were several theories on why someone would leave an orange on a doorstep. Some suggested it was an "Annoying Orange Prank" which is a comedy series where fruit talk to each other - apparently, the orange is particularly irritating.

Others thought the 'victim' should call the police, suspecting the home was being targeted by thieves or vandals. Still others thought it was likely kids being stupid.

Either way, it would be enough to freak some people out. Why do you think it was left there?

Credit: Allie Marie
Credit: Allie Marie

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