Here in Central New York, we already have football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and your typical sports. What we need, is some extremely weird sports to the region.

Here's a look at 5 weird sports, that are 110% real, that the region could take on:

1) Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is an extreme sport in which people take ironing boards to remote locations and iron items of clothing. For real. This could be on waterfalls, lakes, cliffs, you name it. We have plenty of spots in Central New York that could host these events. Currently, the sport is played in England.


2) Alpine Soccer aka Alpine Football

A group of Austrian footballers have invented a new extreme sport "Extreme Alpine Soccer“. This is rumored to be football at its toughest, as it’s only played on the steepest slopes. We could easily play this in the Adirondacks or Boonville region.


3) Heli-Biking

This is a sport that could be played during the winter, or summer time in Central New York. This sport is extreme bikes on mountain courses and through the snow. Many times the bikers are dropped off via helicopter to race down a mountain.


4) Electric Skateboard Pole-Vaulting

We have so many great college campuses all across CNY that offer plenty of track and field events. Why not Electric Skteboard pole-vaulting?

The pole vault world record (without a skateboard) currently stands at 20.21-feet, but Boirie has already cleared heights of 19.36-feet with minimal effort."

Imagine the speed and heights you can get?


5) Donkey Basketball

Donkey basketball is a variation on the standard game of basketball, played on a standard basketball court, but in which the players ride donkeys. Does that not sound amazing?



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