New York State considers certain types of animals nuisances, like skunks, bats, and raccoons.  But did you know there are three types of birds on the list and one of them is considered beautiful by most people?  These birds are labeled by the Department of Environmental Conservation as "Common Problem Species,"

specific wild animals that commonly cause issues at home or on your property.

Canada Geese

The Birds Of St James's Park
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Partially due to overpopulation, Canada Geese are considered a nuisance. The ideal number of Canadian Geese across the state is around 85,000, but the current population is around 200,000.

Problems include:

over-grazed lawns
accumulations of droppings and feathers on play areas and walkways
nutrient loading to ponds
public health concerns at beaches and drinking water supplies
aggressive behavior by nesting birds
safety hazards near roads and airports


Spanish Artist Jaume Plensa's "Water's Soul" Sculpture Sits At Bank Of Hudson River Facing Manhattan
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Gulls tend to flock around landfills, creating environmental and health problems,

Bird conflicts associated with landfills include accumulation of feces on equipment and buildings, distraction of heavy machine operators, and the potential for birds to transmit disease to workers. In addition, gulls often carry waste off site. The result is the accumulation of feces and the deposition of garbage on surrounding industrial and residential areas. This creates a nuisance and potential health risk.


Wild Waterfowl Babies In Berlin
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Most adults have grown up hearing the fable about the ugly duckling that grew into the beautiful swan, but the DEC doesn't necessarily subscribe to swans' being lovely creatures,

Mute swans can cause a variety of problems, including aggressive behavior towards people, destruction of submerged aquatic vegetation, displacement of native wildlife species, degradation of water quality, and potential hazards to aviation.

Removing some nuisance animals, including these three types of birds, may require a permit. If you are being harassed by a nuisance animal, you can visit this page to see if you need a license or permit.

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