You have to love when travel websites spotlight our area in a positive way. Sometimes however, they do have some missteps. On a list of 25 things to do in Utica, one website didn't even pick fun activities.

Trip101 is an online website that spreads the love of travel and fun:

Trip101 leads modern-day travelers to unique travel experiences. Featuring inspirational content from travel enthusiasts around the world, we provide the best recommendations on unique stays, like treehouses, houseboats, RVs or yurts, and bucket-list experiences.

So, what type of bucket list experiences did they highlight on the article "25 Best Things To Do In Utica, New York?" I would say some of the top items were misfires for sure. The article should be titled 25 Of The Most Boring Activities To Do In Utica New York. That's how this author felt after reading 90% of the list.

Let's review number two on the list- "Peak inside the beautiful lobby of Hotel Utica." Imagine traveling from across the country, or world, based on this guide for one of the BEST THINGS to do in a city is to peak at a hotel lobby. Granted, Hotel Utica's lobby is amazing. But, are you going to be a creeper strolling through the lobby rubbing the walls admiring the lobby for hours? I would imagine a good admiring session would only last ten to fifteen minutes. Anything after that you may need a room.

Number five on the list is just as outstanding- Get amazed by the magnificent architecture of Union Station. Just like the lobby, are you just going to waltz around the  train station to admire the walls? You should renew your license while you're there. The architecture is amazing. We may sound harsh by poking fun, it truly is beautiful. are you spending an afternoon walking around admiring it?

Of course the list did get some things correct, such as heading down to the brewery, and checking out some of the local parks for a picnic. Sometimes these style of lists are created by people who have never been to the region. Therefore, they pick the first 25 things that Google can spit out.

So to the author of the article, you'll always have an open invitation to stop by Utica and we can show you what a fun time will actually be. We only ask that we don't have to admire lobbies.

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