Looking to catch some beautiful colored leaves here in Upstate New York? The 2018 New York Fall Foliage predictions are in.

Here's a few different predictions:

The map provided by Smoky Mountains has a break down of important dates coming up. Here's a breakdown for New York:


From I Love NY:

  • Adirondack Mountains & Catskills: fall foliage peak last 2 weeks of September into the first week of October

  • Chautauqua / Allegheny: fall foliage peak last week in September and 1st week of October

  • Leatherstocking & Finger Lakes Region: fall foliage first 2 weeks in October

  • 1000 Islands, Niagara Falls & Northern Finger Lakes: fall foliage peak 2nd and 3rd weeks of October

  • Hudson Valley & Capital Region: fall foliage peak 2nd and 3rd weeks of October

  • Southern Hudson Valley: fall foliage foliage peak last 2 weeks in October

  • NYC & Long Island: fall foliage foliage peak last week in October and first week in November"


From Jeff Foliage, predicting September:

I think the fall colors in scenic Massachusetts may be a tad later than the 15th but arriving in full force by the 20th. Again… if your plans say you HAVE to be in Massachusetts on the 5th or 10th of Oct then don’t panic. Remember I said that “some trees” turn early and I guarantee you will see “some” trees in full fall colors and some that are just starting. but later “should be better” as you move south into MA, CT and RI and NY… Yes, I said New York. They normally have quite a spectacular fall color display just like their Eastern neighbors."


From Weather.com:

Weather.com is predicting peak for CNY/Upstate will be around early October.


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