Bowling alleys are staying open later these days and if you are one of those who loves a good game or two, you will really appreciate this video!

One of the most difficult positions to be in for any bowler is when the 7 and 10 pins are left standing. It is nearly impossible to get both pins to fall on the next shot. Most people either shoot the gap and leave both pins standing or they hit one pin and leave the other standing.

In a recent match, the "Ginger Assassin" picked up a 7-10 split. Professional Bowler Anthony Neuer became the first person in 30 years to convert the historically-difficult split during a televised match in the seventh frame of his U.S. Open semifinal match in Reno, Nevada.

Bowling is still a great way for families to spend time together. Some of my favorite moments growing up in East Aurora were bowling! As a matter of fact we had three alleys in the Village of East Aurora that dad and mom took us to. Victoria Lanes, Jackson Lanes and Wallenwein's Hotel were so much fun for our family to play at!

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