The Fairmount Fire Department rushed to rescue a 15-year-old dog who fell into a storm drain after 11 pm on Monday 7/8/19.

Fairmount Fire Department
Fairmount Fire Department

Calles came in about a 15-year-old dog trapped in a storm drain, and thankfully, he was alive and conscious at the time of the rescue. Fairmount Fire department says:

Rescue 1 and Engine 6 crews worked with Town of Camillus Highway, Camillus Police, and Camillus Dog Control to successfully extract the dog from the pipe. The dog was alive and conscious when it was extracted at 00:00. @ Fairmount, New York

Comments in the FB Post seem to imply the dog's name is Shadow. Glad to hear he's recovering but no word on how he fell into the storm drain.

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