13-year-old Nicholas Bularley is making Christmas a little brighter by combining his love for the holidays and his passion for coding into a spectacular Christmas light show.

Credit: Hilary Bularley
Credit: Hilary Bularley

Nicholas, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4, loves computers and has a real knack for coding. His mom, Hilary, says Nicholas is all self-taught, motivated by his own curiosity. It's been Nicholas' goal since last year to synchronize a light show to music, but he didn't achieve that goal until 2020.

Nicholas says it all started when his mom took him to a coding class when he was younger. "I've been doing coding since I was 8 years old," he says.

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"He worked all summer and made money to pay for this entire light show totally just over $600. The lights are special RGB pixels that have to be ordered through a special company. He then took the lights and attached what they call a raspberry pi to them. He also hooked up a transmitter so that people can pull up and tune there radio to hear music that is synchronized to the lights," mom tells us.

Credit: Hilary Bularley - Nick working on the lights in the family garage.
Credit: Hilary Bularley - Nick working on the lights in the family garage.

Nicholas had prepared to launch his show on Thanksgiving, but he discovered a Grinch "had cut many of his light wires" and stolen bulbs from the display.

"Family scrambled together to get everything up and running and the show has been a huge success," Hilary says.

You can listen to our full interview with Nick here:

Nicholas is doing even more to support his community. He "organized a food drive for our local food pantry. He hopes to bring joy and cheer to everyone this year especially since it’s been so hard for so many families."

Nicholas says next year, he hopes to go even bigger, adding thousands of lights to the display.

Nick's light show can be seen at 7911 Rinaldo Blvd N, Bridgeport, NY, just 50 minutes from Utica.

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