There's just something about Central New York. When you live here - it becomes part of who you are. If you weren't born and raised here, there are signs that you've become a REAL Central New Yorker.

Signs That You're a REAL Central New Yorker

  • You start to refer to 40 degree days as "warm".
  • Anything warmer than 50 is safely shorts weather.
  • Your garage or trunk carries an extra blanket, a spare scraper for your car, and probably a small shovel.
  • When the weatherman predicts a foot of snow in May, you're not even that surprised.
  • You're not afraid to drive in ANY kind of weather.
  • You consider "Utica Greens" just greens.
  • You know better than to drive anywhere near downtown Utica during the Heart Run, the Boilermaker, or the St. Patrick's Day parade.
  • If a pothole isn't at least 6 inches deep and a foot across, it's just a bump - and you know, because you've seen potholes big enough to swallow a tire.
  • You know there's nothing better than Fall in Central New York - and you can tell when it's a good leaf-peeping season.
  • You've picked your own pumpkins, apples, and blueberries - and you've watched cider being pressed.
  • You've planned a Halloween costume around whether it fits over a coat.
  • Same goes for Easter outfits.
  • You've been to Enchanted Forest so many times - but you still take a picture with Paul Bunyan every time.
  • You've chopped down your own Christmas tree.
  • You've seen more stores come and go from the mall than you can count on two hands.

What are we missing? What's another sign that you're a REAL Central New Yorker?

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