You know that old saying, “it's never too late to start”? Well that 104 years old most people wouldn't think it was too late to go hunting for the first time, but Florence Teeters from Madison Wisconsin did just that.

According to KSDK, Florence told her son last year she wanted to give hunting a try. So the 104-year-old got her first ever hunting license and went hunting for the first time on opening day. It didn't take her long before she harvested a deer.

She was hunting on her property for about tow hours when she shot and killed, looking at the picture, what appears to be a 4-point buck.

I can't imagine a hundred and four year old being able to handle the recoil of a rifle, but it's must not have been a problem for Teeters, because the photo shows her smiling with her first-ever deer.

According to the report, Florence is the oldest person to date to acquire a deer license and harvest a deer.

The report, her son Bill said his mother was excited and just keep saying, “I got a buck, I got a buck”.

You can see a picture of Florence with her deer here.

[via: KSDK]

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