According to Oberlo, Jeff Bezos developed the popular ecommerce site in 1994 after quitting his job. Within the first month of its launch, the website had sold books to people in every U.S. state along with areas in 45 other countries. $20,000 per week had also been recorded in sales within the first 30 days (Maryam Mohsin).

In honor of the 10 Amazon Christmas gift ideas I'll mention later, here are 10 Amazon statistics reported by Oberlo, some of them might astound you:

  • 98 million users use every month, making it the second most popular shopping app in the United States (Statista, 2021).
  • 89% of buyers claim they trust Amazon more than other online shopping services (Feedvisor, 2019).
  • 150 million people subscribe to Amazon Prime (VentureBeat, 2020).
  • In the fourth quarter of 2020, Amazon brought in $125.6 billion in sales revenue (Amazon, 2021).
  • The most popular product category on Amazon is the Home and Kitchen category (Jungle Scout, 2022).
  • 82% of Amazon buyers reported that price is an important factor when deciding on a purchase (Statista, 2021).
  • 67% of Amazon users like to use a desktop to surf the website over other devices (CPC Strategy, 2018).
  • In the U.S., more than 4,000 items per minute are sold on Amazon by small- and medium-sized businesses (Amazon, 2019).
  • There are almost 2 million small and medium businesses selling on Amazon worldwide (Amazon, 2021).
  • 23% of online shoppers say they visit Amazon even if they don't have a specific purchase in mind, and often browse for inspiration (Episerver, 2019).

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According to Digital Commerce 360, the past few years have seen an uptick in Amazon sales. However, this year is predicted to go in the opposite direction as sellers are worried they'll have to lower prices just to get inventory sold. This is quite a turn of events since a couple years ago merchants couldn't seem to get products out there fast enough to keep up with the pandemic driven demand.

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