I don't know about you but I'm starting to get nervous about rising gas prices and just how high they are going to get this year, especially with the recent news from a group of New York State Senators who have introduced a bill to increase the state's gas tax  from its current 43.12 cents per gallon to 55 cents. That's a big jump!

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So let's say that the bill passes in New York State and prices at the pump significantly increase. What to do? Well, there are a couple of immediate approaches I learned about that don't involve getting rid of your vehicle and running out to get a hybrid or electric car right away.

We can save at the pump a few ways by using GasBuddy, an app for your phone. The app can tell you where to find the cheapest gas prices in a location near you but they also share that depending on what day you purchase gas, prices can fluctuate as well. In other words, some days of the week are better than others to get the best prices available.

According to a report from GasBuddy which analyzed three years worth of data from gas stations across the country, Monday is the best time to fill your gas tank since fuel prices tend to rise later in the week. That makes Thursday the worst fill-up day since, it's the most expensive, on average, nationwide. The best part is that Mondays tend to be less busy at most gas stations making that fill-up easier.

We all know that it's probable that there's going to come a time in the not-too-distant future where driving anything gas powered is simply going to become too expensive with the cost of fuel, but until that time comes, at least there are ways to save a little bit at the pump.

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