The Siena College Research Institute is out with its latest survey of America’s Best and Worst Presidents.

For the seventh time since 1982, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson and ranked by experts as the Top Five U.S. Presidents,

141 presidential scholars took part in the survey.

“The scholars that participate in this study have changed over 40 years but the top five – FDR, Abe, Washington, Teddy and Jefferson remain carved in granite year after year. In fact, this year a large plurality of 41% say that if we added onto Rushmore, it should be FDR’s face gracing the South Dakota hills,” according to Don Levy, SCRI director.

For the second time, Donald Trump, Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan, Warren Harding and Franklin Pierce rank in the Bottom Five.

Four of the worst rated presidents, Johnson, Buchanan, Harding and Pierce, have been in the bottom five in each of the seven surveys.

Joseph Biden enters the ranking after only a year in office at 19th rated highly on his ability to compromise, court appointments, executive appointments and integrity.

Barack Obama is in the 11th position, his highest ever, Dwight Eisenhower is once again rated the 6th best president and Ronald Reagan remains in the top twenty at 18th scoring highly on luck. party leadership, communication and relationship with Congress.

Survey Odds and Ends from SRI:

By 44-35%, scholars believe the office of President of the United States has become too powerful.
51% say they think the framers of the constitution would say that our system of checks and
balances is working not very or not at all well.

63% given a choice would argue in favor of electing the President by a national popular vote
rather than 17% that prefer the Electoral College.

By 75-5%, scholars think it at least somewhat or very likely rather than not too or not at all likely
that through 2032, the United States will continue to be a democratic republic.

69% believe it likely that by 2032 a woman will be elected president.

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