Transparent 'Crystal Kayaks' are a fascinating way to see what's just below the water's surface while paddling, and you can try it right here in Central New York.

Green Lakes State Park has just introduced the Crystal Kayaks this month according to their Facebook Page.

Green Lakes State Park is located at 7900 Green Lakes Rd in Fayetteville, 5 miles east of Syracuse. The completely clear tandem kayaks that can be rented at the Green Lakes boat launch near the Old Administration Building.

You can rent the 'first come first serve' crystal Kayaks daily from 11 am - 6 pm with a $40 cash deposit and then $20 per hour/ $10 per half hour. Regular singles are $20 cash deposit and are $7 per hour $4 per half hour. Find out more at Green Lakes State Park.

Here's some fascinating history about Green Lakes State Park via Wikipedia:

The Green Lakes State Park is located in the located east of Syracuse in the Town of Manlius.  Green Lake itself is perhaps the most studied meromictic lake—one in which layers of water do not mix—in the world. In ordinary, "holomictic" lakes, at least once each year, there is a physical mixing (turning over) of the surface and the deep waters.

The park is centered on two small lakes, Green Lake and Round Lake, which have an unusual blue-green color. These lakes lie at the base of a gorge that is longer than a mile in length. The lakes and the gorge are remnants of the last ice age, about 15,000 years ago and represent some of the unusual geology of upstate New York. Green Lake has a surface area of 65 acres and a maximum depth of 195 feet. Round Lake has a surface area of 34 acres and a maximum depth of 170 feet.

Green Lake's unusual blue-green color is due to annual "whitings" that leave suspended mineral solids in its water. The mineral content of the water also makes the lake meromictic, which is quite rare.

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